Turtle is On the Move!

1 min read
September 08, 2023

Meet Turtle! 🐢 He's an adorable ball of energy with lots of pep in his step. However, he needs your help to really get things rolling. 

Turtle was born with congenital abnormalities affecting both back legs and his front left leg. His back legs have an extreme external rotation, with knee joints most affected. His left front leg has multiple malformations of his humerus, forearms, and elbow subluxation.

At just 15 weeks old, Turtle is already starting his therapy with our rescue partner Wild Hearts. Since he does not have any anatomical or bone anatomy changes, the Wild Hearts team is hoping surgery will be able to get his back legs in proper alignment (mostly of the quadriceps and patella) for function. They'll stage his surgery, doing the back right leg first and then, based on how he heals, do the left back leg about 4 weeks later. After that, he'll require extensive physical therapy pre and post-op.

Estimated Costs for Turtle:

  • Rehabilitation + Prosthetic Consultation: $200
  • Surgical Consult + Diagnostics with full body CT scan: $2,409.35
  • Boarding + Rehabilitation Services: $4,462.50
  • Surgery Estimate: $5,288.30 per leg, $10,576.60 total
  • Total Estimate ~$18,000

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