Help Bubba Recover from Burns

1 min read
August 30, 2023
[UPDATE: September 8, 2023] Bubba was released by his medical team to his foster family today! He's recovering from his burns in a safe, loving, and peaceful home where he can heal and prepare for adoption to his forever family. 😍

[UPDATE: September 1, 2023] Bubba is still receiving care in the hospital and on the road to recovery. We’ll update you as soon as he’s been discharged to his foster. Unfortunately, animal control found him tied up in this condition and don’t know who abused him. That also means his abusers haven’t been charged.

Meet Bubba 🥺 He was discovered tied up on a property outside Charlotte, North Carolina, on August 30th. He's suffered severe burns along this back. Our rescue partners at Forgotten, Now Family Rescue are working with local animal control to coordinate his medical and foster care. Prancewood has already stepped in with funds to help. Please consider donating to help with Bubba's care and future urgent cases. We'll keep you updated with Bubba's story as he recovers.💚

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