Simon Healing from Abuse and Neglect

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September 11, 2023
[UPDATE: September 14, 2023] Simon continues to heal! He's not quite ready for walkies, but his foster mom is guiding his recovery with a gentle hand (and wagon rides!). 😍


[UPDATE: September 12, 2023] Simon has received 3 blood transfusions and is already making progress. He's able to walk around a bit and is wagging his tail!

Say hello to Simon 👋. Simon and his sister Sissy were discovered padlocked in a vacant home with no food or water and no ventilation in 90-degree heat. Simon is lethargic, has a cold body, white gums, and he collapsed in his kennel. Sissy is faring moderately better, but is still anemic and emaciated. Both are currently receiving critical care, and Prancewood has already delivered funds to cover some of the medical costs. Please consider donating to help these give little guys a fighting chance! 💚
Note: An investigation into Simon's abuser is active and charges are pending.

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